BaseX XQuery Processor

Fast and efficient XQuery Processing lies at the heart of BaseX. Its dedicated focus on indexes allows for a wide range of optimization techniques to be applied to your XQuery requests. A compact XML storage together with often needed extensions and functions completes the package.

XQuery 3.1

New language features, including group by, try/catch, switch, function items, maps, arrays, support for JSON.

Full Text

W3C XQuery Full Text 1.0 implementation. XQuery’s full-text extension makes BaseX an ideal tool to build high-performance information retrieval systems. More than 20 languages and support for wildcards, stemming, case sensitivity, diacritics, TF/IDF scoring and stop words.


Very efficient XQuery Update Facility 1.0 implementation for inserting, deleting, renaming and replacing nodes.

Java Bindings

Direct access to Java procedures and object manipulation provides near endless extendability and simple integration of external Java libraries.


Support for the standardized EXPath Packaging Module that allows for simple and convenient extension of the XQuery processor.


Detailed and comprehensive error feedback speeds up development and improvement of XQuery/XML applications. The query editor helps by realtime syntax evaluation.


Very compact Text, Attribute, Full-Text and Path-Summary indexes speed up the evaluation process by magnitudes. A fuzzy-match full-text option allows for approximate searches and retrieval.

Execution Plan

Each evaluation procedure can be visualized with individual steps and index accesses which leverages further optimization. Execution plans are serializable in plain text, XML and the .dot format.


With built-in support for HTTP, information sources all over the web are accessible from inside XQuery.


Our JSON extension offers out-of-the-box support to convert XML to JSON and vice-versa.


This extension module provides XQuery functions to digitally sign XML documents. In addition this extension enables users to encrypt and decrypt messages based on numerous cryptographic algorithms.


The file module contains XQuery functions and variables related to various file system operations, such as reading, or writing files and directories.


Complex database operations can be formulated and processed within XQuery.


The Maps module offers an efficient functional implementation of maps in XQuery, a data structure that’s heavily used in most programming languages.

Higher Order Functions

BaseX completely implements XQuery 3.0 function items, which can be used to write custom data types and structure control flow in XQuery.


The SQL Module contains XQuery functions to access relational databases from XQuery using SQL. It allows developers to execute arbitrary SQL and retrieve the results for further processing.


BaseX gives developers full access to transform XML with XSLT 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 (via Saxon)